Review: Common Children- Skywire


With their 1996 Tattoo Records release Skywire, Common Children prove that they aren’t your average Nirvana rip-offs. Although by 1996 grunge was nearly dead and gone, bands such as Bush were offering a more melodic, more radio friendly take on the genre, helping keep it a viable option to rock radio DJ’s and fans. Skywire fits somewhere in the middle between the two. Everything a fan of grunge would enjoy is present: sweeping tempo changes, heavy, dirty, distorted guitars, and perfect use of the loud/soft dynamic. However, the most impressive part of the album in my opinion is how the band is able to write songs with varying structures and dynamics, while keeping the album as a whole cohesive. Songs such as “Hate” show what the band can do when they are at their most aggressive, while “Skywire” , “Duel Lens”, and “Last Time Out” show a softer, more reflective side, foreshadowing the metamorphosis that takes place in the band’s sound in their later work. Skywire, was huge in the career of Common Children. The album proved that the band was a voice that shouldn’t be ignored, and along with Grammatrain and Precious Death, proved that christian bands could put out an album every bit as good as their mainstream music counterparts.


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