Review: Skillet- Skillet


This is where it all began. Before becoming a multi-platinum selling, internationally popular hard rock band, Skillet started out as a small three piece band from Memphis, Tennessee.  The band’s 1996 self-titled debut, a joint release by Ardent Music and Forefront Records, melded hard rocking grunge with sophisticated, melodic sensibilities, creating a winning combination. Every song on the album with the exception of the somber, gorgeous “Saturn” was a pure kick of adrenaline. However, Skillet is at their best when they add incredibly catchy hooks to their explosive post grunge sound. “My Beautiful Robe” is a prime example of this. Songs such as “Gasoline”, “I Can”, and “Promise Blender” offer a heavy, dirty pure grunge sound that matches up with the best of the genre’s founding father’s. From this album it isn’t hard to see how massive this band would become, as they have always had the musical chops to succeed. I know that there are some, like myself, who prefer this album and their other earlier work to their much more well known later albums.


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