Review: Bleach- Space

0000148575_350 - Copy

In 1996, Forefront Records was the leader of the pack when it came to releasing fresh, new rock music to the mainstream CCM market. They were the CCM industry’s equivalent to the underground, independent Tooth and Nail Records. The label released high quality album after high quality album. Not only did they rely on such heavyweight’s as DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Code of Ethics, and Big Tent Revival to carry the flag, they did a great job in finding young, talented bands such as Skillet, Smalltown Poets, and Bleach to further expand the label’s reach. With their debut album Space, Bleach proved that they were more than up to the task of helping keep the reputation of the label intact. Space is first and foremost a pop/rock album. A very good pop/rock album, especially considering this is the band’s first album of any kind. However, there are times when the album favors the grungy, alternative rock that was so popular at the time, the aggressive album opener “Eleven” and spastic “Epidermis Girl” come to mind. Some of the album’s best work are the more obscure tracks like “Tea For Two”, “Cold & Turning Blue”, “Cannonball”, and “Sugarcoated Ways”, where the music has that signature alternative rock sound, while also having catchy, melodic choruses. Songs such as “Perfect Family” and “Child of Sod” foreshadow the band’s more anthemic, pop-rock sound featured on later albums. Space, was a vital album in the history of this beloved band. It might not be their best work, but it is certainly beloved. A great debut album.


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