Review: All Star United- All Star United


This is possibly the most fun sounding, energetic power-pop album of all-time. All hyperbole aside, the 1997 Reunion Records self-titled debut by All Star United sounds like the band had a blast recording and performing these songs. The band, fronted by one-time solo artist Ian Eskelin, somehow blend retro surf rock and Blur-esque brit-pop into a cohesive sound. What really makes the album shine are the perfect pop hooks that adorn every chorus and bridge of every song. That coupled with the amazingly witty lyricism (“La La Land”, “Smash Hit”), create an album that is the total package. Every song is amazing, but in my opinion “Bright Red Carpet”, “Tenderness”, “Angels”, “Drive”, and “Lullaby” are among the strongest songs, not only on the album, but in the band’s entire discography. In my opinion this is the perfect pop/rock album, and a shining example of what can be done when sterling musicians just wanna have fun.


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