Review: The Newsboys- Take Me to Your Leader


This is by far my favorite album by Australia’s christian music titans. Their 1996 Star Song Communications album Take Me to Your Leader was the real deal. Their earlier album’s were a little too synth-pop influenced and their latter work was a little too CCM and modern worship influenced to do much for me musically. I also feel that Take Me to Your Leader is an all around stronger album than it’s follow up, 1998’s spectacular Entertaining Angels. Musically, the album walks a fine line between upbeat pop/rock (“Take Me to Your Leader”, “Reality”, “Breakfast”) and darker, alternative influenced tracks (“God is Not a Secret”, “Cup O’ Tea”, “Lost the Plot”), with the outcome being a well-rounded, nearly perfect pop/rock album. The band’s trademark silliness is in full effect here as witnessed by the aforementioned “Breakfast”, however the album does hint at the more worshipful tone of later albums with the song “Breathe”. Not only is this my favorite album by The Newsboys, I also feel that it is their best. Unfortunately, they just don’t make great, edgy pop/rock albums like this in the CCM market anymore.


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