Review: Honey- Lovely

Honey Lovely

With their 1997 Sublime Records album Lovely, cool alternative-pop band Honey hit the scene. The album is a discourse in smooth, chill pop/rock. However from time to time the band shatters the quiet, relaxing atmosphere that they have created with aggressive singing and noisy guitar feedback. An effect similar to Roadside Monument, yet without sounding anything like them. This album would fit alongside the output of band’s like Morella’s Forest and Velour 100 quite nicely. However Lovely is nearly void of any of the fuzzy, shoegaze influences. The primary part of the music that stands out to me is the catchy, slick pop hooks of each song. The performance of lead vocalist Doug Moss is also a highlight, as his vocals have great tone and timbre, even though at times they sound very low, almost as if they were whispered. The only problem with the album is that the songs all have a similar sound, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing as the songs are all high quality. It just makes it that much harder for someone who isn’t paying attention, or someone who gets bored easily. There is however one exception, the rocking, feedback laden alternative rock masterpiece “Blinder”, which was a minor hit on christian rock radio. If you are into smooth, ambient alternative pop of any kind, I can’t recommend the almost invisible, nearly forgotten Lovely enough.


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