Review: Kosmos Express- Now

Kosmos Express Now

If you love cool, smart alternative rock with a huge brit-pop influence, Kosmos Express’ 1997 Sublime Records debut, Now, is the album for you. In my opinion this album perfectly encapsulates that time period when band’s like Oasis and Blur were bringing their brand of brit-rock across the pond to our modern rock and alternative music scene. Although borrowing quite a bit from Oasis, Kosmos Express is far from a derivative tribute band. In fact both of their albums are among some of the better alt-rock releases during this time frame. In my opinion, they were woefully underrated. Some of the standout tracks include the minor hit “Beautiful”, with its crunchy guitars and catchy vocals, “Tangerine”, with its constantly driving tempo, and “Dreammaker” with its somber atmosphere and explosive shift in dynamic. Although not receiving the attention it deserved, Now was a great debut and one of the best brit-rock influenced albums that graced the christian rock scene. Unfortunately, Kosmos Express went the way of so many other very good bands, releasing one or two really good albums and then calling it quits.


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