Review: Fold Zandura- Return


One of the first bands in the christian rock scene to perform industrial music was a band named Mortal. Mortal released 5 critically acclaimed albums before calling it quits due to a legal dispute with their label. After Mortal was laid to rest, members Jyro Xhan and Jerome Fontamillas hooked up with longtime collaborator Frank Lenz to form alternative rock band Fold Zandura. The band released their 8-song “debut” album, Return, on Sublime Records in early 1997. The album although different than anything Mortal ever did, was somewhat similar to the band’s past work. In a nutshell, Return is a solid if not spectacular alternative pop/rock album with electronic flourishes throughout. Some of the album’s stronger songs are the catchy title track, the soaring “Forever Throw”, the angst ridden rocker “Ember”, and the moody “ValGreen”. As good as Return is at its best, I feel that the band wouldn’t fully hit their stride until their next album Ultra Forever, which coincidentally released later that same year.


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