Review: Silage- Watusi


As much as I love the’90’s alt-rock scene, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that some weird style’s and band’s popped up during that decade. It seemed like pretty much anything went, which I guess is a good thing. Well, unless the music sounded like an utter train wreck. In 1997 a small independent record label named Sublime Records popped up in the christian rock scene. The label boasted solid band’s such as Fold Zandura, Honey, and Kosmos Express. However one band stood out from the rest, due to their throw it all in a blender and see what happens sound. That band was named Silage, an appropriate name for their musical concoction. The band released their debut Watusi in mid 1997, it was a strange, yet good album. Musically the band blended alternative rock with pop-punk, ska, and hip-hop. As strange as that may sound, the band actually made the sound work for them. I remember them being promoted as “the christian Sublime”, yet I think that comparison is among one of the most broad and inaccurate that I have ever seen on those once popular, youth group approved music recommendation charts. Some of the best tracks in my opinion are the grooving title track, the punk tinged “My Car Makes Me Sin”, the lounge backdrop of “Blue Igloo Cooler”, and the goofy white-boy hip-hop of the appropriately titled “Drop Some Names”. The only complaint I have about the album is the dated sound, but if you grew up in this scene and are looking to take a trip down memory lane, I’d recommend giving Watusi a listen.


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