Review: Starflyer 59- Starflyer 59 (Silver)


The more that I write these reviews, the older I feel. It is hard to believe that this album is 20 years old. With their self-titled Tooth and Nail Records album, Starflyer 59 gave the indie christian rock scene a taste of the British led shoegaze movement. The album affectionately known as “Silver”, was a wall of guitar from the first riff of the album’s opening track “Blue Collar Love” until the final strains of the album’s droning, closing track “The Dungeon”. I know one thing for sure, if you love thick guitar riffs this album is for you. Guitarist/vocalist/founder/one man band extraordinaire Jason Martin, does a great job of bringing a little calm to the swirling storm as he utilizes a softer, haunting style of guitar playing at times. This is in full affect on “Monterrey”, which is the closest “Silver” sounds to its follow-up the more stripped down Gold. I also love the irony of the track “Droned”, which is actually one of the album’s more subdued songs along with “She Only Knows”.  In my opinion the best song on the album is the driving “Hazel Would”, which features a terrific, fuzzed out guitar solo, while a jangly lead is played over the top of it. This is where it all began for Mr. Martin and his much loved Starflyer 59. An album that’s mystique only continues to grow as it ages. A stunning debut album.


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