Review: Morella’s Forest- Super Deluxe

Morella's Forest

With the success of female fronted bands such as Veruca Salt, Bikini Kill, The Breeders, Garbage, and No Doubt in the mid 1990’s mainstream and underground rock scene, it was only a matter of time before female fronted band’s started popping up in the christian rock scene. One of those bands was Dayton, Ohio dream-pop band Morella’s Forest. The band released their first album Super Deluxe on Tooth and Nail Records in 1995. Musically the album featured lush, ambient soundscapes that had a noisy, feedback drenched shoegaze edge, that helped keep those who preferred a heavier style completely engaged. Some of my favorite tracks are the lead single “Hang Out” with it’s buzzing, fuzzy guitar oriented sound, “Wonder Boy” with its spacey guitar work, and “Oceania” which features a moody, dream-like sound to accompany vocalist Sydney Rentz’ soft, melodic voice. Morella’s Forest along with the iconic Starflyer 59 are directly responsible for getting me interested in shoegaze/space-pop/dream-pop/noise-pop/insert whatever other crazy genre name here. In my opinion Super Deluxe encapsulates this moment in time better than any of the band’s other more pop leaning work. An underrated album to say the least.


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