Review: MxPx- Life In General


Although they had already released two albums, it wasn’t until their third Tooth and Nail Records original, full-length album that Bremerton, Washington pop-punk band MxPx really hit their stride. To say that Life In General was a game-changer for the trio is an understatement. This album is where MxPx became the poster-boy’s for punk rock in the christian music scene. Musically the album was both the most polished and most cohesive work that the band had created to that point. Songs such as “Middlename”, “Doing Time”, and “Today is in My Way” are pop-punk gold, while “Do Your Feet Hurt” and “Move to Bremerton” are mid-tempo, catchy pop-rock fare. Lyrically these guys were one of the first to receive the whole “christian band” or “christian’s in a band” backlash, and it’s not hard to see why they would be dragged into that ridiculous debate, as most of the song’s including the hit single “Chick Magnet” have something to do with girls or the life in general of teenagers (serious pun intended). Although Life In General isn’t the band’s best album in my opinion (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo gets that nod in my book), it is definitely a classic in the christian rock scene. It’s somewhat ironic that this band never made it huge in the mainstream, as all of the elements were present for that to happen. It is even more confounding when you consider some of the band’s that did become popular in the genre.


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