Review: Living Sacrifice- Reborn


In my opinion this is the album where it all finally came together for Arkansas based metal band Living Sacrifice. With their 1997 album Reborn, it seems that the band finally found a cohesive sound after three good, but different albums. At this point in their career the band was going through quite an upheaval as original vocalist Darren Johnson left the band to pursue the ministry, and longtime record label R.E.X. Records was on the verge of eventual bankruptcy. This whirlwind of events led guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh to take over lead vocals, and the band to sign to upstart label Solid State Records, an imprint of indie darlings Tooth and Nail Records. Musically, Reborn is a beast of an album, much more ferocious than their previous thrash and death/thrash work. By implementing an aggressive hardcore sound to offset their brutal metal style, the band managed to appeal to a larger audience with their brand of metallic hardcore, while also updating their somewhat dated sound to appeal to fans of the modern metal scene. Every song on the album is like a kick to the teeth, however the instrumental “Presence of God” does provide a short respite to the metallic onslaught. If you like brutal metalcore “Reborn Empowered”, “Liar”, “Truth Solution”, and “Sellout” are for you. The band does throw in some experimentation in the song “Reject”, as tape loops are used to give it an industrial influence, also the speedy thrash influence of “Awakening” gives the song a different feel than the other tracks. This is the beginning of Living Sacrifice as most of us know them. Reborn is a great first impression to this amazing metal band.


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