Review: Luxury- Amazing and Thank You


These guys know how to write a good song. With their 1995 Tooth and Nail Records debut, Amazing and Thank You, Luxury find a balance between raging guitars that create a wall of sound, and soft vocals that are filled with catchy brit-pop styled hooks. The end result is something that sounds like the mod scene of the 1960’s updated for the 1990’s indie rock scene. I can see fans of shoegaze and indie pop eating this album up. There is nothing better than music you can rock out to, brood with, and sing along to. Luxury offer that in spades, and most of the time all within the same song. In my opinion, this album is woefully underappreciated. Honestly, I am not sure why the band’s first couple of albums aren’t held in as much reverence as Starflyer 59’s first two albums. They are of a similarly high quality. As good as every song on the album is, I feel that there is one that stands above the rest. That song would be “The Luxury Theme”. Everything that is great about this album is at its apex in this song. The drumming is of particular note, as it seems to contain a slight jazz influence. The follow-up track “I Know What You Think About Me” is of note as well, with it’s moody, brooding sound and soaring chorus.  Amazing and Thank You is one of those albums that may get overlooked, but was crucial in garnering respect for the fledgling label in its infancy.


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