Review: The Echoing Green- Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

In the past year or two electronic music has grown in popularity. It has grown so much so that it has become a popular trend in the mainstream, as every little genre and sub-genre has been lumped under the umbrella term of EDM or electronic dance music. Unfortunately, wading through all of the myriad forms I have yet to find a band that hits me the way that The Echoing Green did back during another electronic music boom period, the late 1990’s. During that time period anything electronic or dance was thrown into the catch-all category known as techno. The Echoing Green never really fit in with that scene either, as their brand of electronic music was just an updated, modernized form of 1980’s era synth-pop. This gave the band a more organic sound; an electronic act with a soul, different from all of the cold, machine-like sounds of the other 95% of electronic band’s at the time. Not only did The Echoing Green’s Myx Records debut Hope Springs Eternal sound brighter and sunnier, the album had lyrics to match. Songs such as “Heart With A View”, “In My Head”, “Oxygen”, and “Face of God” are still among personal favorites to this day, as well as some of the band’s catchiest work. This album was my first exposure to The Echoing Green and its mastermind Joey Belville, and along with Joy Electric’s We are the Music Maker’s opened my eyes to a new array of sound’s and style’s.


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