Review: The Insyderz- Motor City Ska


The third band of the christian ska triumvirate released their debut KMG Records album in the summer of 1997. That band was Detroit, Michigan’s own The Insyderz, with their aptly titled album Motor City Ska. What made these three beloved bands so unique was their easy to distinguish sound. That was something that became nearly impossible in the scene once ska bands began to proliferate faster than a roach infestation. A lot of The Insyderz distinguishable sound was directly related to frontman Joe Yerke’s gruff, somewhat unique vocals. He could go from a soft croon to a hardcore scream, to his signature rough vocals in an instant. Musically the band hits the nail on the head with the punk leaning “Trigger Happy”, the explosive, minor hit “I Say”, the chill, reggae influenced “Weebles”, the hardcore moments in “Sacrifice”, and the praise song “House for Sale”. The only short coming in my opinion is the very thin, weak production. Other than that small complaint, this album is in my opinion just as enjoyable today as it was back in 1997. There is a reason The Insyderz were revered among the elite christian ska bands.


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